About Struggling Authors

The Struggling Authors website was launched in Autumn 2007 to help writers navigate the electronic world of literature. Built as a non-profit site to provide technical (and moral)support to newbie writers, it has quickly grown into a network of unpublished and published authors, editors, publishers and literary professionals.
The services the site offers include:
  • Help with online marketing - both of the author and their work
  • A list of trusted professional editors and their contact details
  • An Illustrators section for those who need images and pictures
  • Links to Publishing companies and interviews with key people within the organisation
  • Literary News and Articles from around the world
  • A resource section to help with research for your next 'best seller'
  • A forum built with struggling authors in mind
Originally setup and run solely by it's founder, Richard Grayling, the site is now maintained by a core membership of 5 authors with input and regular content from an ever increasing number of associates.
June 2010 sees two debut publications from the Struggling Authors stable with the release of Shasta & Erasmus by Teresa Geering (Book 1 in the Shasta Trilogy)and Knifing the Famous by Carolyn Allen. Both of these books are being published by Night Publishing.
In the future, Struggling Authors are looking to forge relationships within the eBook/ePublishing world to increase their members opportunities. We will also be working closely with more emerging authors and helping them navigate the sometimes rocky road to getting into print.